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Telkom Cloud is a digital services held and initiated by Telkom Sigma. Established since 1987, PT SIGMA CIPTA CARAKA continues to maintain our commitment, to become a leading End-to-End ICT Solutions Company. With more than 1200 employees, we are ready
to give the best digital services and experience for Indonesia

Through Telkom Cloud, Telkomsigma provides the latest technology solutions with products like Mobile Cloud, that it made people more easier to have storage in the digital world. Not to mention Telkom Cloud services that provide solutions Iaas, SaaS and PaaS. Where the solutions meets every personal and corporate user.

Telkomsigma also has other proven services for 29 years maintaining quality in digital consulting services, IT regulatory services, application development services and data centers integrated with various industries such as conventional banking, sharia, telecommunication, manufacturing, distributor and other sectors.


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Providing the best digital solution is our main goal
And therefore, we serve digital products,
To provide the latest service with maximum ease.


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Frequently Asked Question by Customers.
What is TelkomCloud?

TelkomCLoud is part of cloud computing service from Telkomsigma that makes customer get computing resources and data storage within Internet as well private WAN.

What is Public Cloud?

Public cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure where hardware and software used together using a multi tenancy concept. It makes customer will have their own environment and not connected with others infrastructure environment.

What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud is cloud computing infrastructure where customer will have a their own dedicated hardware.

Why I have to choose TelkomCloud as my cloud computing solution?

Telkom sigma already have experience in IT business especially in banking sectore where security sistem, performance, resources competency and services had become a good benchmark from customer. Telkomsigma supported by Telkom Indonesia as the biggest telco provider in Indonesia.

Who needs Private Cloud and why?

Private cloud is for customer that needs security sensitive as their priority. So they can have their own dedicated hardware place at our infrastructre.

Do TelkomCloud have a packaging products?

TelkomCLoud product package services:
o Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), vMachine, vData Center etc.
o Software as a Service (SaaS) such as application like email Zimbra, e-office, e-puskesmas, e-akademic, SIAP ONLINE etc.

What if customers have a customised needs?

Customers can customize the services based on their needs.

How Telkom Group looks TelkomCloud as their business entity?

TelkomCloud is not the first cloud business for Telkom Group, because it has been more than 20 years Telkomsigma already manage Core System and IT Operation for Financial Industry, so we are experienced in it. And to further convince the customer:
o Protect privacy customer data just like ISO 27002 :2005 arrangement
o The system and business proses is based on ISO 27001 : 2005 ( Information security)
o Periodically internal and external audit.